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Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC) for Pain Relief and Improved Function

Regenerative medicine, or biologics, utilizes the body’s own natural healing powers for pain relief and to improve function. That is the power that Bone Marrow Concentrate, better known as BMC, holds. Now, in the world of biologics, there is a lot of hype, and a lot of hope. Hype that stem cells can solve any problem without evidence, and hope put into patients that their problem can be solved. My promise is to provide transparency when it comes to any treatment option, specifically BMC. We will work together to confirm that this treatment option is right for you.

BMC is one of the most common regenerative medicine treatment options available today to treat back pain. BMC is a concentrate of stem cells, growth factors and anti-inflammatory proteins, that are taken from a patient's own bone marrow. We remove a small piece of your bone marrow for this procedure, spin it down in a centrifuge and inject the powerful concentrate to treat disc pain, chronic back pain or pain originating from a damaged spinal disc.

This is an exciting field of medicine because of the power BMC has to help relieve pain, and is a much less invasive than surgical procedures.


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